Story Three


Help!!! 2.5+ years of Hell by the Court System… I Want My Life Back


     My name is V, I am good Dad asking for help. A bias Hemet Court Judge from Riverside, California, ex-wife, and ex-wife’s attorney destroyed my life and is hurting our daughters too. More than two and half years of a living Hell. They have taken my life and are not finished yet (3 more court days coming up). I want my life back, or should I just be another number? I no longer have a life, it was just destroyed for being a Dad and successful man.


     This is really my last hope that by making my story public I can get my life back and start over with our three daughters. The legal abuse started early 2016.  It has been over two and half years of constant abuse by my ex-wife, her attorney and a bias Court Judge. Close to $60,000 in attorney fees. Ex-wife’s attorney has intentionally extended this legal abuse to get more money for her and the bias Judge has supported this. She knew I had a 401K retirement fund (now gone) and a house (forced to sell). I heard him (ex-wife’s attorney) say in court to my ex-wife “He has a 401K, don’t worry, we are going to take everything”. I pay child support for children living with me 100% for over two years. And thousands of dollars of back pay, yes for children living with me. I am raising our two oldest daughters, I been a Mom and Dad fulltime for two years. And my little one is growing all by herself because my ex-wife wants more child support (used to be 50/50). In addition, she is in a relationship for almost two years with her lover but lies about living with him, so she can continue to get spousal support.


     After two years, and for the only reason to get more money, ex-wife has purposely with malicious intent and to benefit her in court has entered into our two oldest daughter’s lives, manipulating them thus creating a very difficult situation between me and our daughters. In less than a month they have changed completely to the point that I had to ask them to move with their mother, but they don’t want to live with her. I love my daughters so much, with all my heart, but the manipulation from their mother is very toxic. I am so concerned about my girls safety and future now as she (ex-wife) does not care for them but only how she can benefit from them. Unfortunately, our children don’t see that, although they know all the bad things their mom has done. She has left our 10-year-old daughter in a house where drugs are being used, and a mentally ill guy was living. She has done so many things to hurt our daughters and me, but again and again gets away with everything bad she does. This bias Judge has refused to hear all my concerns, including concerns about the well being and safety of our daughters.


Ex-wife gets away with everything, that is why she continues to lie in court, lies to the cops and has learned how to take advantage of government assistance (benefits). She was investigated for fraud for abusing government assistance but got away with that, and as a reward she was given more assistance (unbelievable).  She has used government funds for her undocumented family, and is currently in the process of bringing more family from South America because she knows the government will provide for her and her family. Even under oath she lies in court, and the Judge automatically takes her side, and he (Judge) completely ignores me with anything I have to say. The Judge doesn’t care if I am emotionally and financially destroyed, that I have no job, and that I am raising two of our three children.


     I no longer feel good, that’s why I decided to make my story public to everyone. More than 2.5 years going through a divorce that should had lasted no more than six months. I am not even fighting for anything. These people have completely destroyed my life and they are not done.  They either want to put me in the hospital (again), jail or destroy me completely. In the past couple of months, I been in the hospital twice. I now have anxiety and depression, something I never had.


     Everything I worked for more than 30 years is gone.  All my retirement 401K is gone, savings is gone, house is gone, paying child support for children living with me, money gets taking from my bank accounts without my consent and so much more. I had been put through a financial hardship so many times. I am emotionally and psychologically affected. But not just me, but our daughters’ as well. I have lost my job, I have lost my mother, I been Ordered by this bias Judge to pay my ex-wife’s attorney and so much more.


     Writing this message and making this public is not easy. It’s actually embarrassing and humiliating but I have no other option anymore. I want my life back for me and our daughters, so we can move on. Too many men, Dads have been destroyed before me and probably being destroyed right now because of greedy attorneys and bias Judges, so it is not right anymore. I want this to stop please!!!


     I am at a point now that I don’t feel well, and all this is affecting our three daughters well-being and education. We haven’t had peace for almost three years because of the personal interest of a couple of people (ex-wife and her attorney). I had a successful 25 year career with an outstanding track record in leadership roles, now muddied by this process. I was a good father and very productive US Citizen. I achieved the American Dream but now it is being destroyed by greedy people and a bias Court Judge. I know what they are doing is not right, but they are getting away with this because I am Dad and a good man. They have the power to do illegal, unethical and bias practices legally.


     I am asking anyone with authority, or groups for father’s rights, or human rights groups, or anyone for help. To either investigate and/or expose my case so this can be stopped. I am not asking for money, I just want my life back. I am not stopping until this gets exposed and these people get investigated!


     I have a 16-page summary letter in a PDF file of my 2.5 years of Hell with no end in sight that I like to provide to you and the public for further details, if you like.  Please raise awareness to focus on getting someone to help me to investigate my case and hopefully put a stop on this abuse.


Thanks for your support.




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