Story Three

My Story, My Nightmare


      I have a 7 year old little girl. I met a Vietnamese woman online on lava life in 2007. I am of Greek origin. My father and mother live 2 minutes away from me. My sister is married and has 2 beautiful daughters. She also lives minutes away. We are a close family. The Vietnamese woman moves in my home about 2 months into us dating. She came and gone whenever she wanted telling me that it's for a web design contract and needed to travel.  My family did not like her. We later find out that she had 2 sons with 2 previous fathers. Those boys were taken from her by youth protection in Laval before I met her sometime in 2005. It was an on and off relationship with her. She made my entire family's life difficult with her lies. She called police several times on me over the years while we were living together. One time, she even called police on me for having a cigarette outside my own house and I wasn't respecting the "rules" of the house. Laval police actually answered that call.  My parents are old now and want nothing to do with her.   In 2009, we ended up together and living together again, and on December of 2010, she gave birth to my little angel. My only child which I named after my moms mom, my grandmother.  My parents started to be in our lives again and did everything for us. 6 months later, mom takes my baby and leaves. She kept my daughter away from all of us for months. I ended up taking her to family court. My daughter ends up living with me 4 days a week after my long battle in family court system. I was going to get full custody eventually because of moms history with her own children.  My daughter had friends, she went to Greek, English and French school. She has her own room here in my house full of toys.

      September 2014, I went to pick up my daughter from moms house as usual only this time, no one was there. I went to Laval police for help but no help came from them. I was persistent for the following 3 weeks, running to police stations, calling family lawyers and still no word of my daughter's whereabouts.  Laval police later arrange for me to wait at a car wash and that my daughter will be dropped off there. ??? I pleaded for them to arrange it at a fire station or police station but they refused.  No one showed up.


     October 20, 2014, I get arrested and detained for 16 months. Mom said I rapped her, beat her, locked her in the house for 4 years from 2007- 2011 and that she couldn't escape and that I am a pimp and force her to prostitute...And so much more.  February 2016, I get out of prison and later appear in front of a Laval family judge for my rights to see my daughter. The judge grants me supervised visits at a Centre near moms house in order to integrate my daughter back into my life and me in hers. Mom confirmed her Quebec residence to the judge.  She has been cancelling every meeting and I still have not seen or heard from my daughter. I have appeared in front of a judge 7 times over the years. The judge has now ordered mom to present my daughter to me and has confiscated her passport, seeing her as a potential flight risk.


     November 9, 2016, my lawyer gets word and informs me that mom and daughter are not even in the province and has lied to all the judges and police. We only know this because my daughter's birth name showed up in a registry from the Catholic Children's Aid Society in Toronto. Mom has been working in Toronto as a high priced prostitute and living in a 2 million dollar condo and when Toronto police intervened, youth protection stepped in. Neither one could leave that province now until mom appears in court. I have been to Toronto 2 times already fighting for my daughter in the court system there now too.  This is the woman that made those false claims on me. I got lawyers that have contacted the police here, I have reached out to the mayor of Laval and the mayor of Montreal. I have contacted every media here and Ontario.


     I swear on my life and all that I love, I am not lying. I am not here to convince anyone. I am here because I know that Laval police are looking into everything that I am doing now. All profile accounts get deleted as soon as I raise awareness.  The Laval police knew that mom was lying. They have deliberately falsified the story that they fed to the Journal Des Montreal back in 2014 and spread it all over the Internet.  Whoever does not believe me, please call the Laval police department and ask what happened to my daughter and how many times mom has called police on me prior to the 2014 allegations.  I am an innocent father, falsely accused of sexual crimes by the mother of my only child. I will not rest until I find my daughter and expose what the Laval police just did. Putting her in danger with a mother that has now lost 3 children in 2 different provinces from 3 different fathers. Oh, forgot to mention that she had at one point accused both other 2 fathers of her son's of rape, assault, threats...now all 3 of the fathers have spent time in prison because of her preventing all the fathers from seeing their children only for her to loose them all to youth protection.  This is what one woman is capable of doing using the justice system to her benefit.


     I dare her to post her real name and her photo for all to see and help the real women that have been victims of sexual assault. She can't because many will recognize her and expose her for what she really is. She will not say her name to the papers or show her face. I am fighting for my daughter, I couldn't care less what people think of me. I only care what my daughter thinks of her dad.  1487 days since I last saw or heard from my daughter and counting...!!!




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