Story One

Judge X is Complicit to Parental Alienation and the Emotional Abuse of My Child


       The judge is aware that my ex-wife does not encourage my daughter to see me. Which by definition is parental alienation. The judge is aware that my daughter has told me that

Mommy says your mean when she was just 3 years old. The judge is aware that now my

12 year old daughter does not give a meaningful reason as to why she refuses to see me

or her Grandmother. The judge is aware that there has never been a full and complete

Fact Finding. The Judge has ended my petition to see my daughter without due process.

The Judge refuses to have a Fact Finding for my petition, engage the experts and end the

emotional abuse of my Child and my Mom.


Infinite Love,

Father Z of the Z family


New York


Gabriella Boyd Memorial Fund 2018