Gabby's Quilt

    On June 20, 2019 five members of Sailor Kate Ministry ( a family run organization from the state of Georgia) took a flight up to New York to present The Gabriella Boyd Memorial Foundation with a home made, hand crafted quilt that Sailor Kate Ministry and other aligning organizations created for Gabriella Boyd and the rest of her surviving family.  In addition to giving  a one of a kind quilt that had squares (patch's) that reflected Gabbys love for animals, her favorite color purple, and holy excerpts from the Bible; Sailor Kate also brought up 200 Teddy Bears to be donated to Children less fortunate and in need.


     The visit was warm and welcomed, a blessing from above.  Not only symbolically does a quilt provide a sense of security, warmth and comfort but figuratively the action of receiving this gift from an organization that also endured the mental and physical anguish of loosing a child  affirmed that there was a bond shared by these two little angels similar to how sisters would come together to open up presents during the holidays or a birthday.


     Gabriella's quilt not only protects Gabby but provides a sense of comfort for her family and a safe haven for the silent majority of good parents who align themselves with The GBMF fighting to protect THEIR children, THEIR best interests,and trying to let THEIR voices be heard against an out dated, ineffective, bias and conflicted Family Court system.


     Now, proudly The Gabriella Boyd Memorial Foundation takes part and works with Sailor Kate Ministry to pay it forward to other individuals and families that have fallen on hard times by participating in making patch's for different quilts. Together we are strong!


Thank you  Sailor Kate & all the rest of the amazing people who participated!


      God Bless,

      The GBMF


If you would like to know more about Sailor Kate Ministry click here http://www.sailorkate.com/

Gabriella Boyd Memorial Fund 2018