The Gabriella Boyd Memorial Foundation was created on April 28, 2018, after a tragic and devastating loss of Gabriella at only two and a half years old. Her father,  Stephen Boyd, began this Non-Profit organization in order to not only honor his little girl but also to help those who are struggling to have a voice and be heard.


     Since 2016 after reluctantly entering into his first " Parenting Agreement " that was ordered by a judge in Westchester County,  Stephen had been fighting for physical custody of his daughter. Like many of us,  he was not familiar with the details and aspects of Family Court Law, Child Support, and Parental Rights pertaining to his situation and the situation of so many others. This process had been very difficult, time consuming, and costly  for Stephen. However the love that he has for his little girl was far greater, and he took all the necessary steps to educate himself and properly build a case. For two and a half years, he had built a case against the mother of his daughter with evidence, which he hoped to show that he ultimately deserved custody of Gabriella.


     Friday April 27, 2018, Stephen Boyd went to Village of Mamaroneck Police Department with the court order he had been fighting so long for.  Although a judge had signed off on Stephen Boyd getting physical custody of his daughter that day,  after a series of events that are still currently under investigation, unfortunately that court order was never executed.


     On Saturday April 28, 2018, around 1:30 PM, The Village of Mamaroneck Police Department  received a call that resulted in police finding Gabriella D.O.A while in the care of her mother. despite the efforts of the first responders to try to revive and resuscitate her, it was to late. Gabriella Boyd was pronounced dead.


     The Gabriella Boyd Memorial Foundation has a mission to help educate and assist those who have struggled to have a voice in custody situations. We want to be able to help those who are struggling, just like Stephen did, to have a chance to better understand their rights and the family court system. This foundation has the help of local law enforcement, social workers, family lawyers, and community activists for parents who want to be present in their children's lives,  but are struggling to find the necessary steps and their voice in the process. There will be Informational seminars held quarterly to provide help to those who would like to join us. We are also involved with other foundations who also have the same goal of promoting equality in family law in order to focus on the well-being of our children.


     The generous funds that are being donated to our foundation will be used to donate to charities and other organizations that are related to help bring attention to being proactive in the Family Court System, as well as child welfare. Lobbying for clear and concise language for domestic violence and family court legislation pertaining to Law Enforcement and other agencies and departments that deal with the well being and best interest of our children. In addition this foundation will not only donate but focus on assisting causes near and dear to Gabriella; including but not limited to her daycare MCNS, Speech Pathology,  Humane Society of Westchester, and more. Gabriella's memory will live on through our efforts and your support.



                                                THANK YOU!


Gabriella Boyd Memorial Fund 2018